Real Estate After Lockdown

Oct 16, 2020 | Panama, David

Real Estate After Lockdown 1


“Let Our Experience Guide you”

After being locked down in our house or apartment for the past months, many of us have changed the way we feel about our homes.  People are now more interested in homes away from city centers, with large gardens for children to play in.

Many of us have suddenly discovered that we can work from home and this is already having an influence on the market as people have realized a need for home offices.

This Covid experience has definitely triggered a switch on the Real Estate market.

Real Estate After Lockdown 2

The commercial sector has shifted as well and there has been an increase in warehouse demand as businesses have migrated to online modality.

An increase in demand for agricultural properties has emerged as well.

The Real Estate market has changed to a buyers market. It is still a wise long-term investment for those seeking a secure return.

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